Step Out and Stand Up: Don’t Be a Spoiled Brat

spoiled-brat employeeIf you are really serious about taking control of your job as a knowledge worker and making more money, you have to take 100 percent responsibility for everything you do. And the first step is turning yourself and your job into a controllable business factor. You must dump any thinking about what others “owe” you. You are completely in charge of your success. However, there aren’t many people in the professional world who are operating under this belief system.

The following are excuses that I hear employed spoiled brats use—and some of my considerations:

New Eyes: How to address old problems and bad relationships

UnknownDo you have a situation, either personal or professional, that needs to improve? If so, why don’t you? If you don’t, you must have already been blessed with Sainthood! We all face situations that linger and typically the reason is our level of discomfort in stepping up and resolving it.


  1. Figure out what part of the problem you own. Something as small as not asking enough questions to get to the real issue and then trying to solve the wrong problem.  By the way, this is often the case!

Blissfully Ignorant: Is reality based on others perception?

Quote-About-EgotismIt really doesn’t matter what you think about how you look or what you say. The issue is what other people think about how you appear and how your communication is perceived. You may disagree, but environment, job, expectation and more dictate how we choose to present ourselves to the particular environment.  Case in point is the recent decision of the Chandler Arizona police department and also the Marine Corps to scrutinize people that have tattoos. Some people are up in arms over this and say it’s not fair. This isn’t about fairness it’s about perception. Are the people either for or against these decisions blissfully ignorant, uninformed or right on?


Learning to stay focused and motivated

SmileandSadFaceMarsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Times are tough. Money is tight. Trusting others is down, blaming is up. An optimistic outlook is down and fear is up.

Staying up in challenging times requires a blend of energy, spirit, self-confidence and humor. Perceptions must change and include a broader knowledge and a more comprehensive view. What is your perspective of life and the world? Does your lens work for you or against you? Is your filter clogged with negativity? And do you look through a wide-angle lens or do you use a microscope with a narrowed view?

SOS! Stamp Out Stupidity

By Marsha Petrie Sue

stupidity_at_workThere are misconceptions about the difference between ignorance and stupidity, especially when you look at choices and ability. Ignorance is not knowing something and being unaware of it. Stupidity is being aware that you don’t know something you should and choosing not to do anything about it.

Do you know people mid-career that decide to go back to school, take a class or read incessantly? They know they don’t know and understand that if they improve what they know, their success will be enhanced. These success stories also know that they have to take action and apply what they learn!

Don’t Go Nuclear! Learn to respond, not react

from The Reactor Factor – Chapter 3 Responses – and yes you always want to respond!

by Marsha Petrie Sue –

wpe711. Your colleague presents a project that the two of you just completed. You keep waiting for him to mention your part in the project, because you know that you came up with the idea for the winning solution. However, he is nearing the end of the presentation – and still hasn’t said your name.


React or respond? What action and initiative do you take?

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