ROI vs. ROC: Does Character Count?

leadership-characterThis information from The Harvard Business Review was too good not to pass on. According to the studies in this article, companies that have Leaders that display integrity, responsibility, forgiveness and compassion character have a better Return on Investment.

Daniel Goleman’s book, Primal Leadership, is also a great backbone for improving the perception of character in leaders. He identifies the six different leadership styles and how they can be used.  The success of his information is the flexibility of the person in the managerial position and the willingness to apply Emotional Intelligence in everything they do.

Six Quick Tips to Improve Communications

Screenshot 2015-03-11 13.41.25Here are six quick reminders to create better communications. Please feel free to pass these on.

  1.  Use the assertive communication model:
    1. Acknowledge what the other person is saying
    2. Take personal responsibility in delivering your message by using “I” language.  Tell them what YOU need, want, think, etc.
    3. When possible, give them two choices you can live with and let them choose.  Then they have skin in the game
    4. Become a better listener and communicate from their point of view, not yours.

The Lessons of a Ride-a-Long: How Public Servants Can Help Us Communicate

Officer, Julie Werhnyak

Officer Julie Werhnyak, Tempe Police Department

Thanks to Tempe Arizona Patrol Officer Julie Werhnyak for asking me if I was interested in learning what a ‘day-in-the’ life was like for her. We had met at a NAWLEE (National Association of Women Law Enforcement) conference where my presentation topic was communication and difficult situations.  I immediately said “Yes!” although I had no idea what to expect. Since communication and conflict resolution is a specialty of mine, I knew there was much to be learned from Julie’s point of view and her daily interactions… and I learned some lessons on great communications.IMG_6236

Stop Wasting Time in Meetings in 2015

by Marsha Petrie Sue

Screenshot 2015-01-06 10.51.44Have you ever been in a meeting and minutes into it you question why you are even there? Robert Half Management Resources determined that 37 percent of office life is spent in meetings. What a waste. Start 2015 with a new structure to your meeting process. Productivity is critical to business success and this is sub optimal use of your time. So start the year off right and be the leader to help your team manage productivity.

General Meeting Basics:

  • Don’t meet.  If you can send a note, email or memo, don’t have the meeting.

The Ten Commandments of Cooperation for 2015


  1. Keep skid chains on your tongue: always say less than you think. Cultivate a low, persuasive voice.  How you say it often counts more than what you say.
  2. Make promises sparingly, and keep them faithfully, no matter what it costs.
  3. Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind and encouraging word to or about somebody. Praise good work, regardless of who did it.  If criticism is needed, criticize helpfully, never spitefully.
  4. Be cheerful.  Don’t burden or depress those around you by dwelling on your minor aches and pains and small disappointments. Remember, everyone is carrying some kind of a load.

How to Survive Family Gatherings

Holiday stressAre you wondering how to survive the stress and chaos caused by family gatherings? Many of these events are blessed with love, caring and fun while others are dreaded. Focus on what you can control – like yourself. You will never change another person so stop trying. Here is a starter list of tips to help you to survive family gatherings. I would like to hear from you on what works and even what you’ve tried that didn’t work!

  • Surround yourself with upbeat people. You do create your own environment.
  • Immediately address any issues. They will only get worse.
  • Build relationships with everyone.

Body Odor, Bad Breath and Business

Body OdorHave you found yourself in an awkward position of having to tell someone his or her bad breath or body odor is no longer acceptable? Do others complain to you but they don’t have the nerve to broach the problem directly?

Try this approach and you will be pleasantly surprised how easily the issue can be addressed. Here are four ideas on how to approach this delicate situation. Do you have something to add?

  1. “I have something of a personal nature to discuss with you.  Is this a good time for you?”
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