Worried about layoffs, downsizing and right sizing?

Tonight is the night! Thursday, August 21  9:00 Eastern Standard Time for  Marsha’s complimentary TeleSeminar on How to Stay Up in Down Times. Click  here to sign up http://www.trainingu.com/scripts/basketContent.lasso

Plan  to get downsized, right sized and laid off.  It is how business works in a  dynamic settingso get ready and get your people ready.

Learn the keys to  managing  the stress of layoffs, outsourcing, generational divides and other  uncontrollable business factors.

This presentation reveals valuable  insights and ideas to attain a higher level of success while managing the  economic and business situations in the real world. Participants will be able to  understand why there is resistance to change especially in tough times. The key  is to focus on employment enjoyment vs. the downside of down times and to stop  the negative spiral of uncertainty. From the Boomers to Gen Y, in-depth  information will be shared to break the negative spiral of uncertainty.

Cheers, Marsha

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