Unexpected Surprises: why paying attention pays off

4 experienced leaders sharing leadership ideas

4 experienced leaders sharing leadership ideas

Enterprise Network is a networking group I’d heard of in Phoenix. I was invited to their last meeting by their incoming president, Linda Lang whom I had met while keynoting the California Association of Community Managers Annual Meeting.

They had a panel of Real Estate experts: Holly Eslinger – Exclusive Homes and Land, John Foltz – Realty Executives, Martha Appel – Colwell Banker, Sam Wercinski – former AZ Real Estate Commissioner. Their topic was Business Survival Strategies. You would think this was about Real Estate – but it was more about leadership.

Here are the unexpected surprises I noted down that, I believe, should be relearned and reemphasized to every employee and leader in the business world today, especially with all the unrest facing us each day.

• Eliminate status quo and complacency.

• Think about the competitors coming together to solve industry downturn. What are you willing to share?

• Act sooner and take responsibility first.

• Get back to the basics. Think employee retention.

Listen and be 100% resent otherwise people lose their own value.

• Do not buy into the panic. This will increase employee productivity.

• Control your anxiety level. Be part of team conflict resolution.

• Till the soil now for planting the future harvest. The guru? Chris Brogan.

• Cross train and mentor. Think communication development.

• Print out positive emails, add a personal note and post for all to see.

• Say Thank You. Do it often and mean it.

• You create the attitude of your group. This is personal responsibility.

• Start conversations about expenses and revenue with everyone.

• Think about coaching for sales people vs. running a print ad.

• Invest in people and value current customers.

• Always think of self-regulation.

What skill, thought or action is helping you cope in your job?

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