Tommy Z – and me – and Toxic People! Check it out.

I met Tommy Z through my great friend, Larry Winget. Tommy did a great post today on Toxic People.  I hope you find it as good as I did.  He is a very clever writer!

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Check out his blog today on Toxic People
If you do like cigars, he has some great stuff.  Thanks Tommy – and thank you!

Cheers, Marsha

Toxic People: decontaminate difficult people without using weapons or duct tape
(Buy it on Here is what a reader said…
Testimonial on the book …

Hi Marsha,
I have been in the mental health field over 25 years. I have been in private
practice for over 7 years (currently only part-time), have done business
coaching with professionals and directed programs in hospitals. Most
recently I have been working for a national organization developing
programs for those with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Trust me…..I have read MANY books on managing people, “team development ”
and the psychodynamics of difficult people.

Your book, “Toxic People” is phenomenal! It helped me get through a very
difficult management situation and continues to offer valuable insights on a
day to day basis.

Thank you for writing this! When anyone asks me for an outside speaker on
these issues…YOUR name will be the first I will suggest!

Ursula Stein, LCSW

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