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I love college football but was mad at ESPN when I saw their add about having the new “readily accessible” sports information available.  They show a college student saying “I’m not that strong a reader” which I think just reinforces the poor job being provided by our educational system.

28% of our kids graduating from High School are functionally illiterate and can’t comprehend what they do read.  They can read the words but don’t know what it means.  If this is you, take a remedial reading class, call the literacy council and find out what to do.  When you think about your self awareness, personal leadership and professional development … you are in charge. Period.

Love College Football

I will still watch the bowl games – but shame on ESPN for promoting the negative!  What do you think?

Email me for your copy of goals to think about for 2009 – and I’ll send them right off to you!

Marsha Petrie Sue

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