Sanitized environment

I think much of the toxicity in people today comes from parents and the educational systems “sanatizing” kids environments. Everyone has to learn how to compete, fail and succeed. Recently a coach had 30 girls try out for a soccer team and had slots for 10. Afraid of what the 20 kids and parents would say if their kids didn’t make the team, the coach TOTALLY rearranged the schedule to make “room” for all of the kids. What kind of lesson is that? Real life brings success AND failure. We are setting up the next generation for a huge let down when they get into the real world.

One of my clients no longer announces promotions because some of the managers don’t want to “explain” to the other people why this ONE person got the job. So why should good employees who enjoy public recognization even strive to be successful?

Lesson here: learn to communicate. The real world is not sanitized! Yikes – this is very scary and you should be very afraid!

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