Many people are attracted to the stories of Rosie O’Donnell and her abusive behavior because they have a “Rosie” in their life. The viewers of the media coverage may be searching for one drop of analysis that may help them deal with the difficult people in their work place or even at home.

Business Week Magazine has said that one in three working people say they have been yelled at and discouraged by their boss or peers.

Because I study difficult behavior and solutions relentlessly, I think each person faced with a Rosie behavior needs to take personal responsibility for the outcome they desire.

If you have difficult people in your life, and they continue to create havoc in your life, it’s your fault. You must learn to identify their behavior and manage it through your own communication. You can only change yourself so stop trying to change other people. Changing other people does make for great first marriages.

What do you think? Have you got a Rosie in your life?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You know, I’ve been at odds with myself for quite a while because I couldn’t decide if I liked Rosie or not! I do enjoy The View, most of the time, but have been trying to figure out why Rosie just doesn’t ‘compute’ in my brain! I think it is because I agree with SOME of the things she says, but not with the manner in which she says them! You just made me realize that I would not tolerate this person in my life bacause she is so mean to people that don’t completely agree with her! She acts like a bully! I decided years ago that I could not judge people by MY own standards. They are gonna do what they are gonna do. I will try to find a common ground, but I have a “3-Strikes” Rule, and Rosie would’ve been “out!” a long time ago! Thanks!

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