Six Quick Tips to Improve Communications

Here are six quick reminders to create better communications. Please feel free to pass these on.

  1.  Use the assertive communication model:
    1. Acknowledge what the other person is saying
    2. Take personal responsibility in delivering your message by using “I” language.  Tell them what YOU need, want, think, etc.
    3. When possible, give them two choices you can live with and let them choose.  Then they have skin in the game
    4. Become a better listener and communicate from their point of view, not yours.
  2. Use the T.L.C. both with yourself and verbally with others
    1. Take it – don’t get your panties in a wad and understand that if you ask questions and gather more information, you will have a better outcome
    2. Leave it – reject it, walk away from it, and know that this is a choice
    3. Change it – check your flexibility and maximize itUse the T.L.C. both with yourself and verbally with others
  3. Delegate professionally and when giving feedback, tell them what they did well (what you liked best) and what they can change for next time (what you would like them to repeat.) Stay away from you coulda’, you shoulda’, you mighta’ – it just upsets the other person so they develop and attitude when you are delegating to them.
  4. Stay away from the negative spiral. Focus on the good and when you begin feeling negativity creeping into your thinking, change the frame of reference to something more positive. This is the bottom line of taking personal responsibility for keeping a realistic, positive outlook.
  5. Don’t buy in to other people’s negative talk and gossip.  Your time is too precious to waste time with these emotional vampires.
  6. Focus on your own strengths and continue to make that your main goal. And remember that a positive attitude may not solve all your issues, but it will tick off enough people to make it worth the effort!


What else is important to you?  Look forward to hearing from you!

Cheers, Marsha


Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Author
Cell 602 418-1991

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