Privileged Paris suffering from Moral Amnesia

Twenty-six year old Paris Hilton is suffering an infectious malady; moral amnesia. The sad story behind her behavior has been spread by her mother, Kathy Hilton. Did you know that one of the early lessons mom shared with her daughter was, “Be a star or marry rich”? She encouraged Paris to wallow in selfishness and narcissism, and supported her decisions to go to clubs and party as a young adult. The personal responsibility lessons that should have been taught by her parents and teachers somehow came up missing.

Did you also know Paris did not graduate from High School and has a GED? Her home schooling and eagerness of her mom to flaunt her heiress status instilled the malady of moral amnesia and the glory of being an insufferable menace and horrible role model for young people.

Definition of Moral: Of, or relating to, principles of right and wrong in behavior. Ethical. Behaving with integrity. Defining immoral and unethical is like defining pornography: “You know it when you see it.” How does it make you feel knowing that people like Paris Hilton is setting the moral standards for the next generation?

It is your personal responsibility to be accountable for your choices and to face the consequences of poor choices. It is your personal responsibility to teach good moral standards to others. Paris’ jail term is forcing her to be accountable for breaking the law. Her stature and mom cannot save her from her chosen behavior and she is finding that even an heiress is not above the law.

You always have choices when deciding what to do in any situation। When you are stuck in a rut and feel you have nowhere to turn, stop and question yourself। “Do I choose to take it, leave it, or change it? What’s my plan?” Paris should have been taught this from her mother, but Kathy must have missed that lesson in Parenting 101। What do you think?

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  1. Emily Sullivan says:

    Clap Clap Clap. Well said Marsha. I respect your ability to speak what you think!

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