Mental Terrorism

With the recent terrorism attacks in Europe, it made me reflect on how we think about life and when awful events happen, how we create our own terrorism. Many people struggle with the internal menace of self-doubt and low self worth. This mental terrorism can provide paralysis in life. Even the input from others becomes disturbing and creates a thought process that ignores reality, and generates mental terrorism. This human mayhem can be overcome by finding the true underlying cause of your thinking.

The Internal War
Consider how you think about terrorism. For most people, recalling the horrifying images of 9/11 provides fear of participating in many events. When you travel by plane and as you are passing through security, do you think about why the TSA people are so serious? I do. I’m flying and they are not. They are there for my safety.

When you are in a crowded shopping mall, do you think about the target this venue could become for terrorists? I do. I have also learned that my own mental terrorism will prevent me from going out in public if I allow it to! My war plan includes pushing realism to the front line of my mental war.

Mentally I have gone into my own war zone with the events of the past, recalling the people throwing themselves out of the twin towers. Purposefully, I have to stop that kind of thinking pattern and shift to thoughts about the destination, and other pleasantries when traveling. And as far as shopping malls, my preference is to shop on line!

Have you trained yourself to catch that ugly thinking and replace it with something more positive? I am not suggesting you become a Paul or Pollyanna with over the top optimism. I am saying to instruct yourself to get out of your own way, stay in the real world, and get over it.

The internal hurricane of self-doubt mentally loots you of your confidence, willingness to accept change and ability to deal with life. Your frames of references create unconscious patterns from very small bits of experience. These translate to the memories of negativity, can make you a prisoner of war, and create internal misery.

Enlist the front line and muster your weaponry
When you are having trouble moving forward, stop and create a “Pro’s and Con’s” list comprised of the positives and negatives of the situation. This neglected tool helps you survive the floodwaters from others or even from yourself. You are the General when it comes to winning the war on mental terrorism. When making this list brain storm with yourself and list everything. Nothing is sacred!

The “Pro” list should include all the pie in the sky and the “Con” list should answer the question, “What are the worst things that could happen.”

You now have a plan of action that will help you realistically evaluate the enemy. When you are feeling mentally drained, try this, and you will find that it works very well, especially if you are stuck and cannot find the momentum to move. Muster your mental troops. If you don’t, you will dig yourself a fox hole and be the guest of honor at the pity party. Take command of your own mental terrorism. Marsha

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