I love receiving your emails and always enjoy reading them and responding when I can. It is interesting that many people suffer from what I have so it gives me great pleasure to share my experiences with them. A recent example is mental hypochondria. It saddens me that so many people allow their negative self-talk to interrupt their success.

Oh yes, I have been there many times and must catch myself when I go back to the ugly place in my thinking. My husband, Al, thinks it is nuts. Do people question your lack of confidence? He says, “You are doing so well, and have the world by the tail. I don’t understand why you allow yourself a trip to that ugly place in your mind?”

If I had an answer to that question, I would post it and make millions from it! Here is my current thinking… we feel guilty for doing well and succeeding. I can substantiate this from my own thoughts. If you do well by making more money, for example, you think about the people that don’t make as much as you or perhaps don’t even have a job. Train your self to be proud of your accomplishments and to know you worked HARD for your success and some people choose not to take risk or work beyond the call of duty.

Personally, I have worked my rear end off with long hours, brainstorming, reading, learning, mentoring, questioning, making mistakes, taking risk and more. It is never an easy road, and I have stumbled, but allow myself to have the fortitude to move on! However, every once in a while, I nail myself!

So here is my message to you and to me! Stop it. Be proud. Move on. You deserve it!

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