Clammoring over Gen Y! Creating difficult behavior for Gen X and the Boomers?

Thanks for the great posts on the last ezine and blog about Generation Y. Plus I received a ton of email on the effects of them in business today. The entire issue of becoming a difficult person because of generational differences is amazing. Not to mention that the problems of professional and personal development can be derailed when people have conflict.

I do think the reason the Y’s are getting so much attention is because there are so many of them, we have over 94% employment rate, the Boomers are retiring and the X’ers have fit in so well and are doing such a great job that the attention never was about them! Y’s ARE different and if businesses today want to succeed with their contigency plans, succession planning and growing their profits they must pay attention.

There is a wide range of perspectives. USA Today says that Generation Y is looking for Fame and Making Money. One of the posts/emails said that they do not bring difficult behavior, are easy to work with and add a new dimension to the work place because of their mastery of using technology as a resource.

I plan to address the problem of working for Generation Y in the near future. In the meantime, here is some interesting info on Gen Y in the workplace.

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