Addiction, Behavior and You: A reading recommendation

Whether you are familiar with addiction or not, Broken: My story or addiction and redemption is a must read.

This very serious subject will help us all be better human beings, parents, partners and leaders. It has helped me control being judgmental over this dreadful disease that has affected someone very dear to me.

Google Book Summary: The prodigal son of Bill Moyers, the exemplary broadcast journalist, wrecked a bright career at CNN and deserted his family in 1994, hitting bottom as a “thirty-five-year-old crack addict.” The lurid appeal of his story hinges largely on Moyers’s munificent, even saintly father, and the train-wreck spectacle of his son’s fall from grace. Moyers conveys with black humor the rapturous allure of substance abuse: “cocaine owned me, body and soul,” he writes. It lures him back even after stints in rehab, brushes with death and lucky breaks. As his habit skids out of control, Moyers dodges punishment with smug hauteur. He enjoys plum reporting assignments as a fortunate son and plays the role of “solid, sincere recovering alcoholic,” while persisting in his unrepentant behavior. Moyers hits his stride in evocations of his muddled, though quasi-methodical, mindset: the vertiginous pull of addiction, the powerful delusions of denial and the double-edged sword of legacy, which proves a potent enabler. His father, who addresses him in heartfelt letters excerpted at length, looms throughout as both reproving shadow and divine light.

For me, the question is: Are we approaching addiction correctly as a society?  Your thoughts?  Marsha Petrie Sue
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  1. William Moyers says:

    Okay, I know I’m biased.
    But I cannot help it.
    Thanks for short “must read” affirmation of my book, Broken.
    All these years later it still resonates with people.
    And highlighting it on your blog will help to expand the reach of my story to help others.


  2. Jan says:

    Thanks Marsha. And thanks Bill for writing the book. Definitely a serious problem that needs to be faced and dealt with, instead of ignored as many do.

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