Are you creating difficult people and a toxic environment?

We just spent four wonderful days in Napa, California. I had one day of speaking for a client there, but then the rest of the time was spent having fun. We all know fun eliminates difficult people!

If you want to cut down on having difficult people in your environment, take a look at this blog – about happiness. Good stuff and very well stated.

Napa Diners

We had the opportunity to dine with friends from Chico, California. Gary and his wife Judy are very successful, having sold their business for Million$ a few years back and they certainly understand how to be successful!

We were talking about creating a non toxic environment and remaining happy doing it.

He had some great “axioms.” (You can tell he was once a professor at Chico State!) Gary’s Axiom #1: Make more coffee when you leave less than a full cup.

How simple is this? So why don’t more people do it? They are probably so entrenched in their own importance that making another pot is just not a consideration. Result? Toxic environment and difficult people and they caused it!

I don’t think you have to go to extremes with this but I do feel that creating self awareness of what you do and how it can create an environment is a necessity.  Breeding difficult people can sometimes be prevented.

Most people are so self absorbed that they miss the point and  become bitter rather than becoming better at managing their own environment.  Maybe there bitterness comes from having to drink that last bit of bad coffee in the less than full coffee pot.  Marsha

ps: Toxic People: audio book (Two CD set) and mobile mentor is now available!

Cover of CD Set for Toxic People

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