When Haughty, Loudmouthed, Difficult People Lose

I was in Starbucks today (see previous post) and was thrilled to see that the report from the media has been turned around. Apparently the haughty, loudmouthed people that said the cooking of the sandwiches was not appropriate and upset the balance of the “aroma of the coffee.”

When the Barrista asked me for my order and asked if I wanted a grilled sandwich, I just about yelped. I am sick and tired of the minority ruling the majority. And this time the squeaky wheel went flat and didn’t get greased. The toxic people didn’t win! Yeah.

I am happy with Starbucks decision and like the changes they have made in the ordering system. Much more efficient. So what is the lesson here? Stand up for what you believe and when you see it is just a minority of the dopes, idiots and difficult people creating a problem, stand up and speak out. Rally YOUR troops and liaisons to let your voice be heard.

There is an article posted on my website if you are interested in more. Marsha

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  1. Cathie says:

    Hi Marsha,
    I love your sense of humor!!

    I got the book. Thank you so much for the little extras. I can’t tell you enough
    how the website and book have made a much needed difference in my work life. I
    told my Manager all about you. She was interested in seeing the website info so I
    sent her the link. I have to work on it each day because I am so determined to make
    things better in my work life, and it truly does get better with each day. I love getting
    the emails too.

    Thanks so much for signing the book and for what you wrote. I was so hoping you would sign it.
    Thanks Marsha!

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