Spring Cleaning: How to control the bad employees and toxic behaviors

What do you do with difficult people and generally bad employees? Now is the perfect time to do a little Spring Cleaning. Here’s the dirty little secret. Think about cleaning up your own communication skills in dealing with toxic people. I found an interesting Forbes Article and it reminded me that there are considerations for cleaning up the bad employees and difficult people:

Clean up!

1. Don’t gossip. Stay as far away from the grapevine’s trash can as you can and the official Director of Chaos. People that involve themselves in the “whine and geez” parties rarely move up the ladder. Don’t let the “bad apple” of the bunch suck you in. Take personal responsibility for your own positive attitude. Get out the mental vacuum and clean up your thinking.

2. Communicate what you need, want and expect. People are not mind readers. You will be amazed on how many communication skills we know but do not use. Just like your cleaning supplies, dig through them, find the best, and most importantly, USE THEM!!! Here is my favorite assertive communication model:

• Acknowledge their request or issue
• Use “I” language (I think, I want, I need, etc.)
• Verbalize two alternatives, solutions or whatever and when possible, let them choose.

3. Stop trying to save the world. Understand your own values and worry about cleaning up yourself. You are tremendous role model for others and mentoring will take place naturally. Don’t try to solve other people’s problems and work on your own personal development. You don’t have to clean up after them!

Bad employees don’t like personal responsibility, positive attitudes and good communications. Create a forward thinking environment and your cobwebs of problems will be swept away!

What will you do to begin your Spring Cleaning? Maybe start with your home first to get you in the mood!


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