Difficult Peoples Toxic Behavior Spill Over and includes Britney Spears

Britney Spears just can’t get out of the news because of her toxic behavior. She lost visitation rights for her kids, her fans are dropping like flies, but there is still a loyal group clinging on her every toxic action and word. She even kicked Dr. Phil out of her hospital room!
She is like some of the people you work with – they are talented but have become difficult people. They infect others and create havoc.
Do you have a Britney in your office? It’s not just the damage they do to themselves – they set the tone for the office productivity, morale, and temperament. The top producers that make a mess of their paperwork, the team leaders that can rally the troops but miss the deadlines, the assistants that provide excellent work but are always late to work, and more.
Here is an 6-step conflict resolution plan:
1. Identify the Toxic Person’s behavior.
• Review the six types of Toxic People from the book determine with whom you are dealing.
2. Understand the outcome needed with the relationship.
• Fix it or sever the relationship?
3. Decide how you want to be perceived by the Toxic Person.
• Do you even care what difficult people think of you? (Don’t be cavalier; think about the importance of this question!)
4. Plan your response to Toxic People.
• Be accountable for what you are going to say.
5. Practice your approach.
• How will you check your own anger or anxiety during the approach?
Continue to refer to this list every time you have to manage a toxic situation or a difficult person, and do this until all the habits become second nature. Let’s send this info to Britney Spears! Hopefully she will have time to read it between cocktails and hospital visits.

More good information here – check out this blog on Toxic Friendships!

Cheers, Marsha

Brit turns down Dr. Phil

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