Kids and Conflict

Now I’m not a parent (only by marriage) so I am certainly coming at this from a different perspective. Within the last two days, I have been asked by two “Mom’s” how they can make there kid better interact with conflict.

These kids are adult women, who have great jobs (one is an attorney) and obviously well educated. The mom’s want to tell them what to do. My suggestion was to ask their child what kind of outcome they want – the good, bad or ugly. Then to figure out to whom they are talking (communication style) and the approach they have seen work from other people — because obviously their approach is not working.

Go on line – pick up a book at the library – buy something from my shopping cart! LEARN how to manage conflict and toxic people. Difficult people are everywhere and they can suck the life out of you if action is not taken immediately. Back stabbers, whiners, bossy people can all be managered better.

I believe the reason people DON’T take action is because they are lazy and want a magic pill or wand to do it for them. Dad told me — the only two helping hands you will ever have are at the ends of your arms. The Mom’s need to tell their kids that simple rule.

My recommendation was to use my Ask Marsha link on my web site and I will answer them with ideas, considerations and suggestions. I’ll bet you a $1000 that I don’t hear from them!
Let me know what you think…

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