Life is Complex. Keep it Simple.

As we mire through the Christmas, Hanukkah and the many celebrations leading us to 2011, remember that life IS complex. Keeping it simple is the real key to success.

The picture is the Blueberry Pie Al (my husband) and I made for Christmas Eve dinner. The blueberries are from Al’s sisters blueberry bush in North Carolina and they must have more frequent flyer miles that most fruit! Note that a very large mouse had a bite of it – and it must have been a BIG mouse because it used a spoon!

I noticed the missing pie and I had a choice to make: respond or react. Do I choose to make a fuss, get mad, and reprimand Al the mouse or do I laugh and serve the pie to our guests with a story.

Change your habits and decide to respond to those complex challenges and events in your life. And always remember that responding is learned, and reacting is knee jerk. Train yourself to keep it simple and take personal responsibility for your outcomes.

Wishing you and your family a Heavenly 2011!

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  1. Jan says:

    Great advice Marsha! Don’t sweat the small stuff, right? Sometimes I think many of us micromanage our emotions.

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