Arkansas, personal responsibility and you

The Northwest  Business Women’s Conference is Tuesday, September 17 in Arkansas and they expect an audience of 1300 people.  I am honored to be the opening Keynote but also to be on the platform with Helen Hunt

As a former corporate executive I have learned that uniting with like minded people supports goals, focus and intent.  When I discussed customizing the presentation to the audience the event planner said there would be everyone there from Executives of Fortune 500 companies to stay at home mom’s.  How refreshing and how fun!

My mission in life is to give back more than I’ve received and connect my head and heart with my mouth.  Being a professional speaker and author helps me connect with people that want to take personal responsibility, manage toxic people and communicate more appropriately.

How do you give back? What will your legacy be?

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  1. Jason Blackketter, D.C., M.A.R.E., B.A. says:

    Thanks for the wonderful lecture yesterday at the NWA business women’s conference in Rogers, AR.
    You were funny, creative, insightful, and challenging!
    I was one of the very few men in the room…yet, I enjoyed it thoroughly and filled up a page and half of notes.
    Your message was much needed (personally and professionally), so I just wanted to say “thanks” and keep it up!

    1. Marsha says:

      Jason – And thank you for being there. What a wonderful group. Let’s do it again soon!!

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