Entitlement and Responsibility

As I watch the news relating the stories of the inappropriate actions of Kanye West, Serena Williams, Joe Wilson, Mark Sanford, and the oldie but goody John McEnroe (who thinks Serena’s outburst was OK), I am struck by the lack of personal responsibility and the poor choices they make. And did you pay attention to their reactions? How did we become a me, me, me, society? What happened to conflict resolution skills and personal development? How did we become an entitlement society?

Personal ResponsibilityThere seems to be no real penalty because the behavior has become acceptable. Celebrities and people in the public eye have a responsibility that few appear to acknowledge. Their behavior, the way they conduct themselves, the unacceptable statements they make, and how they conduct their personal life, become the standard and role model for many others.

It’s not surprising that so many people routinely show off their poor behavior, are involved in affairs, drink too much, make excuses and care so little about what they say in public. I think it is high time that these public voices woke up to their responsibilities. I think it is high time for everyone to wake up to their own personal responsibilities. If anyone wants to be applauded and receive acclaim for their work (whatever that might be) they must take responsibility for the role model they provide.

I’m interested in what bothers you about people not taking personal responsibility?

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