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Marsha in Washington DCMarsha in Washington DC

I was thinking about managing Toxic People. I’m returning from Washington DC today and had some wonderful interactions but also encountered some difficult people.

I have determined that the way you were raised determines how you view the world. If you were waised by Toxic People you will have a tendency to become a difficult person. Kind parents – you have a better chance of being a nicer person.

Did your parents teach you to be suspicious of everyone and everything? My mom did. I couldn’t play with Dougie next door because he had “sneaky” eyes. Thanks Mom – lesson learned. Becoming suspicious about everyone and everything was from the role model provided at home.

We had the opportunity to go to a reception and concert at the French Embassy. So decided we should hire a driver so we arrived in style! Well we were quoted one fee – and would up paying another. The Driver got lost, we were late, and he would not even discuss a reduced fee and actually was quite indignant! Can you imagine? He just didn’t understand that my friend that lives there was really going to use his services but NOT NOW!!!

How about you? How do you interact in difficult situations? What were the lessons you use? Train yourself to be self-aware of what you have learned and how that helps (or doesn’t help) you in your mindsight of other people.

The Washington DC situations made me reach deep into my tool box and dig out some better language to use with these Difficult people and Toxic People.

I continue to try to manage my behavior because I want to be the one in control of the situation. How about you? What do you do to manage your anger and management of toxic people? On and my new book, Toxic People: Decontaminate difficult people at work without using weapons and duct is now available on or on


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