The Whine and Cheeser Toxic Person Creates Difficult Relationships

I spoke at a meeting last night and the audience was filled with highly educated people, the majority being MD’s – yes-medical doctors. There were some positive business changes being discussed within there organization. I was fascinated to listen to some of the difficult people express their whining questions, accusatory tone, and how some choose to take the Whine and Cheeser Toxic person route.

The message they send
• Don’t expect me to do anything to fix problems – I’m helpless
• To stay on my good side you must listen to my complaints
• I’m perfect. Therefore, it is my duty to notice all of the faults around me
• I’m right occasionally, so you had better be sure and listen to me

The President of the company was an excellent communicator and chose to take action. He did not agree with the difficult people. Rather he asked questions and dug deeper to determine the real issue was. Then he made relevant statements and continued to confirm the response with the Whine and Cheeser Toxic Person.

He really made them think. He did not buy into their misery. Instead, he listened, watched, and took verbal action. Do you have this arsenal of communication tools to draw from? Most people don’t.

Remember to identify the kind of difficult behavior you display and what kind of Toxic Person YOU become! Your approach must be in check before you can take any measure in decontaminating a toxic person.

This is the first week of the release of my new book, Toxic People: decontaminate difficult people at work without using weapons or duct tape. I am very pleased that it is doing so well. People DO understand that they have to learn the skills to manage these people. If you go to and buy this book today, you will receive an incredible bonus success package filed with ideas from the best Success Experts in the world! All you do is send your Amazon receipt to me at and receive your link to this great package.

Do something now about the people that suck the life out of you!

(A recovering Toxic Person!)

Cry babies, mental terrorists and whinners

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