Smile More!

Smile More!Start noticing how a simple smile makes you feel. Difficult People with Toxic Behaviors smile less. So I plan to just look pleasant more often and not like I am ready to rip peoples throats out.

I was traveling yesterday from Nashville to Chicago and the flight was delayed two hours because of Mechanical problems. I had a choice on how I handled it as did the people behind the counter. They were gracious and compelling with their approach to a bad situation. They helped me think about how productive I could be in writing my next book proposal with two “extra” hours. And I did just that.

In analyzing what was different, it was their entire approach to their job and the travelers. What really put the icing on the delayed flight was what American Airlines and other sponsors are doing for Snowball Express . Check out what is being done for the children of our fallen soldiers, airmen and Marines. This group is reaching out now and far into their future with gatherings and trips for the families and loved ones.

Travel is not fun – but watching others and how they handle the otherwise bad situation, and the contributions others are making, certainly helped me not become a difficult person.

‘Tis the season to be happy and celebrate! Smilin’ Marsha

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  1. Jim Bouchard says:

    Too true!

    Plus, the energy wasted being angry at a situation that cannot change is draining!

    We might be stuck in an airport, but we can’t change the flight schedule. With a little planning we can bring some work that needs to be done…

    or at worst catch up on reading.

    Great advice!

  2. I must say that I am guilty of not smiling. It’s not that I am a toxic person. It’s because I am an intense person and my mind is always racing.

    In addition to making a person feel better, a smile allows a person to be perceived as a good person, which helps during job evaluation and promotion time.

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