Re-organization of Teams: how difficult people can enhance the situation

I had a question from a Fortune 100 company about steps to manage a reorganization – especially when you have difficult people to manage. Having presented to this company for many years, here is the process I suggested. They are given the companies expected outcomes and projects involved and asked to present a list of their preferences.

1. Evaluate the talents of all team members. Include systems they have worked with, successful projects, and all components of project management. Have each member put their “talents” on post-it notes. Have each member go to a plain wall group post-it notes appropriately in similar columns. Read Joe Calloway’s book, “Work Like You’re Showing Off” and Larry Winget’s “Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life.”

2. Discuss what kinds of projects, in general, the group enjoys completing. When people work on anything they enjoy, time flies and the work results are even better. Keep in mind that high visibility, high payoff projects are good career moves, but also consider the “ugly step-sister” projects where the team can be a hero.

3. Create a “best project” list and identify the actions that are needed to successfully complete the work. Think like you own the company and your money is financing the efforts. Include deadlines and time lines for each item.

4. Assign project steps to individuals and start looking at team leads. Each team member should sign a pledge of endorsement and commitment. As companies continue to work at lightening speed, there needs to be fall back plans for managing difficult people (whether internal or external.) Email me for a pledge from Toxic People that you can use for this.

5. Present your proposal professionally. This is learned and most professionals don’t do a very good job of this. Their intent is lost in their nervousness and poor planning. Need more information? Email me for a special message on presentation skills. Just let me know how I can help.

Stick your neck out on that re-org path. It is your job to make sure everything goes smoothly, whether the CEO of the company or any other position.


Keep looking for the upside of reorganization

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