Perfect Match

Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary. I was thinking about why this relationship has lasted and others in my past have not. Here is my conclusion:

1. We made a pact early on to stay open to each others passions. That means Al goes to concerts and the theater with me, and I do his outdoor stuff. Make this a ground rule forever.
2. Understand financial goals, spending habits, investment risk parameters and more. The #1 reason relationships fall apart is financial problems. Have ongoing, open conversations about money.

3. Don’t have knock down, drag out fights. Learn how to manage your own anger and train yourself how to listen and communicate. Good ideas for managing difficult situations and people can be found in Toxic People.

4. Never try to change another person. It does not work, but does make for great first marriages. Most people can’t even change themselves!
5. Make the relationship more about them, and less about you. Seriously, this is a real key!

Here’s to our celebration!

Marsha and Al’s wedding

Marsha Petrie Sue
The Accountability Master
Author of Toxic People — Bookscan best seller!
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“Silence is Golden – Duct Tape is Silver.”

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  1. Penny Barrington Haw says:

    Marsha we were married nearly 27 years ago on 21 November!
    A dance-loving Aquarian and a non-dancing Capricorn managed to find enough commonality in shared values, shared abilities and a real love that has been tested and still is. But just as well I like cricket! As you know I nearly lost him from the planet recently and that shakes things up. Compromise in terms of give and take, communicating about everything and allowing each other to have space to follow interests, have helped us bond. Add to that a sense of humour to touch every day (especially if there are children around) and gratitude for what we have, are always the underpinning bases. None of us is perfect so being able to be honest about our habits of action and of mind is crucial to any marriage. The decision to not play games is a good start too.

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