Graduation: Why self-awareness, focus, and discipline are the secrets to success

Grandpa Al, Wes, and MarshaOur grandson, Wesley McFall Young aka Wes graduated this weekend from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville with honors. When I think about a teenager making the decision to further their life, Wes becomes the poster child for self-awareness, focus, and discipline to maximize success. So here are some thoughts…

1. Self-awareness – What have you decided to “major in” – in other words, have you looked at your strengths and maximized them? Too many people focus on their weaknesses and become “victims of circumstance.” I believe people fall in this trap because it is easier than taking personal responsibility for their actions.

2. Focus – Is daily distraction pushing you from maintaining focus? Get a daily affirmation or write one yourself to make your thought process consistent with your dreams. You do become what you think about and personal development is the discipline and habit everyone needs to change. (Email me if you need one at
3. Discipline – Continuing to learn and grow is the key. Keep an open mind to everything. Difficult people and naysayer’s will try to push you away from your need for discipline. Don’t let it happen. Listen to your gut feeling and your intuition.

I recently spoke at the University of Illinois to a Women’s Leadership Conference and am always thrilled to see over 3000 people that want to enrich their lives by continuing their road to self-awareness, focus and discipline. What are your keys to success and how do you stay focused?


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