Get a Job: Toxic Interviews and Difficult People

Some of you have responded to the blog on difficult people because of the job market and especially the process of interviewing. Hearing about people that are upset because there are “no jobs out there” or “Poor me, I’ve been laid off” makes me crazy – so here is my take on the subject. Let me know what you think!

You’ve been laid off and have nowhere to go. How is your attitude? Have you become a toxic or difficult person because you are just plain ticked off? Here are some simple tricks to keep you on target:

1. Review the talents you do have and dwell on them.
2. Don’t berate your old job or boss. It will only come back to haunt you.
3. Be proactive. Post your resume on line and stick to it.
4. Realize that you are now in sales and your product is YOU.
5. Better than 68% of people lie on resumes. Don’t even think about it.

So, finally the Human Resources department for the job of your dreams is right around the corner. That posting from was finally noticed and has paid off. Now what? Do not allow yourself to become a difficult person during the interview. And this does happen! If you are unprepared, you can become negative, aggressive and will undermine your own communications.

Train yourself to be prepared for any interview. In interviews I’ve done with Human Resource professional, they consistently mention how unprepared job seekers are.

Here is a quick hit list to get you started and keep you on the right track for the interview.
1. Give the single best reason we should consider hiring you over all the others we are considering?
2. If we contact all your previous bosses and/or colleagues, what one trait would they say you could to improve?
3. If you could do any job, in any company, what would be the job and name the company?
4. In detail, define strengths, weaknesses, communication style, management style, personality and values your ideal boss.
5. What questions would you need me to answer for you to determine if this company and this job is what you are best suited to do?
Take personal responsibility for your success. Learn how to create a great interview.

Cheers, Marsha

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Toxic Interviews

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