Difficult Person – or is it just your perception gone bad?

The last few days I’ve been in San Antonio speaking to the Harley-Davidson Dealer Operations Training.  When I mentioned this to several of my friends, their immediate response was negative.  Why?  Their perception of “HOGS” was totally incorrect!

They were without a doubt one of the most gracious and kind groups I have ever spoken to. With their global success and excellent brand recognition, the exposure to negative comment and perception is great.

So my idea of the day is DON’T GO THERE!  Keep an open mind and form your OWN opinion.


Marsha’s Harley-Davidson Univesity Hat

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  1. Noel Posus says:

    Marsha, what a great point!

    I remember growing up and being “taught” fear about the local “biker bar”. Well, years later my sister and I went in there to meet a friend, and I can tell you that within seconds of walking through the door, I knew what I had been “taught” and what I had chosen to simply accept before, had been completely wrong!

    And now that I’ve lived around the world and have now settled in Australia, I can confirm that the “biker” culture everywhere is far more focused on generosity and caring than anything else.

    I believe I heard once that biker groups donate more money and time to children’s charities around the world than nearly any other group. Pretty remarkable and from my own experience, I believe it.

    Thanks for allowing the opportunity to share!


  2. Kimberly Dugan says:

    Dear Marsha,
    Three Cheers to you for an excellent class. I am the General Manager for Horsepower Harley-Davidson, Inc. in Williamsport, Pa. As you are aware, we are a somewhat seasonal business. Therefore, we always look forward to classes in the winter to help us with Cabin Fever, etc… You kept the class moving forward with priceless information, and gave me the push I needed to come back to PA energized, and excited about what I do.
    Thank you again,
    Kim Dugan,
    Williamsport, PA

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