Backstabbers, Difficult People, Politics and more…

I’ve been asked to submit many articles lately, especially with the release of my book. Check out the latest article about Backstabbers posted at Women’s Media.

Women’s Media
Writing the article reminded me that when we look at who we work with everyday, when we evaluate the 2008 elections or whatever our situation is – it is our personal responsibility to learn more and form our own opinions.

Don’t let anyone tell you someone else falls into a difficult behavior or a toxic person category. Learn for yourself. Gather information on your own, question, pay attention and take responsibility for creating your own thoughts.

If someone says another person at work is a backstabber, pay attention to the suspect’s behavior and form your own opinion – and stop relying on the gossip mongers and other difficult people at work!

How about Politics? Read and learn about all candidates credentials, past voting records, displays of toxic behavior and do fit within your core values.

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Marsha — professional speaker, author and decontaminator of toxic people.

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