Dump the Negative!

Forty-nine percent (49%) of adults nationwide now say it is possible for anyone who really wants to work to find a job. That’s up from 45% a month ago but still down from 52% in January. (Rasmussen)
Real Statistics from Rasmussen

While the economy is showing a glimmer of hope, are you? I truly believe we get so caught up in our own issues, negativity and problems that we sabotage our own capabilities.

Start today to elevate your thinking and dust off that positive attitude that is hiding under the guise of “bad times.”

1. Hang around positive people
2. Got Negative? Remember you are in control of how you think.
3. Stay realistic. A realist, vs. a optimist or pessimist, says you have the wrong size glass.
4. Access enough news to stay up to date.  Otherwise, turn it off!
5. Add joy and fun to your life.  Enjoy the spring, take a walk, go bowling or picnic at the park.
6. Volunteer – 2 hours a month is all you need to lift your spirits.

Visit a Library

7. Read, learn and apply. Go to the library.
I’m off to take a bike ride!  See ya…

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