Playing Hooky is Good for Business Success

Boy am I enjoying life! Going fishing and will hopefully again catch the biggest fish. I’ve been working hard and will rest today. Give my brain a break! I always feel like I’m playing hooky when I take time off mid week but I also know it is exactly what I need! BTW – I was quoted in the Detroit Daily News today!

Marsha’s biggest fish!
Marsha's biggest fish!

Definition of “playing hooky?” The Phrase Finder states that one of the origins of these two words include “to hook it” or “to escape or make off.” To “hook something” is also an old slang term for stealing, as in “stealing a day off!”

Think about the personal responsibility you take for YOURSELF.  You can become a toxic person and display difficult behavior quickly if you are stressed, tired and over meetinged!

Email me for the Ten Commandments for Cooperation or go to the website and you will find them under Tools for Success and Free Stuff.

Promise yourself that at least for today, you will have some fun. How do you take care of yourself? Would love to start a conversation on this!


PS: Here is the update!  I caught the biggest and the most fish!  Yeah!!

The biggest trout and the most!

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