Silence is Golden: Duct Tape is Silver

I was trying to put up with a difficult person and realized it was my job to take a different approach because everything I was trying was failing! I dug deep in my tool box and as I passed the Duct Tape and came on a tool that I had forgotten to use.

Listening! Did you know that silence and listen use the same letters? There is a clue there.
Listen for a change. Amazingly, conflict is reduced and many times Toxic People are even pleasant communicators.

Become a great listener. It will resolve toxic situations and separate you from the masses. Most people have no clue the importance of this skill.

Quick hit list for great listening:
1. Keep an open mind
2. Stop talking
3. Turn off your self-talk (see chapter 14 Mental Looting)
4. Start listening
5. Ask questions to find out more
6. Keep listening

So put the duct tape on YOUR mouth!

listening.gif Get the CD here and become a better listener!

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