10 Simple Keys to Great Leadership

  1. Listen, don’t interrupt and ask, “Is there anything else” without a smirk on your face. Give a time limit of 3 minutes if necessary.
  2. In a meeting, stick to the agenda. Don’t get sidetracked by your own espousing or idea.great-leadership-quotes-funny_4590835803226687
  3. Never berate or reprimand an employee publicly. Never. After the encounter, take them aside, nicely, to a private area.
  4. Meet in a neutral zone, not your office.  Your office sanctuary is very intimidating to many.
  5. Build sincere, authentic relationships with your people. And keep building them.
  6. They want to know about you and your past. So tell them when appropriate. Do this without going too far or making it an ego trip.
  7. SMILE! You do have many serious projects in your mind. If you don’t smile, they will wonder if everything in the company is OK or who is on the chopping block.
  8. Do a casual 360° anonymously to find out if you have any blind spots.  Let me know if you need one or download all the Forms from The Reactor Factor (and The Leadership Score Card is there) at www.ReactorFactorBook.com (all complimentary)
  9. Communicate the details of the business.  People want to know that you are stable and where the money goes.
  10. Be empathetic. Never judge anyone. Use emotional intelligence to improve employee morale, motivation . . . and ultimately profitability.

You may know these but do you use them consistently? Do you have more to add?

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  1. Dana Pillay says:

    Good post! the article was little bit short but full of meaning. there are lots of things to remember and lots of things to learn.

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