New Years Resolutions and Lose Weigh

Here is the real deal – STOP fooling yourself by setting new years resolution that you won’t take personal responsibility for achieving! Have you ever set a goal to lose weight – then don’t? I have and just get ticked off with myself.

Pledge to yourself that you will improve your health and have more energy. That is the focus that helps. Here is some interesting information I read this morning about losing weight from the Collage Video newsletter and interestingly the focus is on high and low intensity exercise as well as SLEEP!!!

Weight loss tip: Get more sleep!

Columbia University researchers have rediscovered the importance of sleep. “People who sleep less than five hours per night are twice as likely to be obese.”

Why? Previous studies had found that missing sleep reduces leptin. That’s a hormone that helps control hunger by sending signals to the brain — “it tells the brain that we need more calories, and hunger is stimulated.”

So, a good New Year’s resolution: More exercise and more sleep!

Give your New Year’s resolutions a good look and you will have the same.


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