Don’t Get Mad: Ask Questions and be Accountable

I love delayed flights at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport because it means I get to shop at the Brighton shop in the terminal. One consideration – the sales person can’t be suffering from the MBDTM syndrome (My Boss Didn’t Tell Me).

I found a fabulous silver bracelet and earrings and took them to the register with cash, not plastic, in hand. One of my purchases wouldn’t pass the bar scan routine. After several minutes – 10 to be exact – of phone calls, calling people stupid, frustration and indignation, the clerk blamed everyone but herself for the incorrect code. There was a true absence of conflict resolution skills!

Brighton Silver Jewelry

I watched with interest, from a Decontaminator of Toxic People point of view, waiting for an alternative solution that never appeared. So I selected a new jewelry combo that did pass the electronic scrutiny. Here are some of the solutions and considerations my angry helper might have considered:

Add up the sale by hand.

Take my name, information and Credit Card Number and send me the jewelry after resolution.

Ask in training, “What happens if…”

Pay attention in training.

Have the bosses cell number in case of “real” emergencies.

What else could she have done? Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Marlys says:

    Add by hand, if she couldn’t figure out the tax, accept the cash for the purchase price.
    Tell the manager what you had to do to make the sale. Assume the manager would discount the purchase price by the tax to satisfy Uncle Sam.
    This employee needed to feel enpowered to find a resolution so No Sale Walks–which I’m surprised you didn’t do, Marsha.

  2. Karen Turner says:

    This is fun. The salesperson could have found the nearest similar piece and used that price to speedily check you out and send you on your way – a satisfied and repeat customer.

  3. Pam Peterson says:

    Its all about being empowered, management should have taken the time to let the employee know that she can make the decision to handle the sale in his or her best way.

    The employee should have taken the position of if it was me doing the purchasing, what would I think would be a fair and satifising out come to the problem.

    This comes with experience and watching other employees with tenure.

  4. Marsha says:

    Went in the same store again – and new sales rep, and much more engaging and with it! Yeah!!

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