Becoming Bionic: why customer care is more important than ever

Aging is often welcomed with a variety of signs … One of them being the onset of aching joints. When I was diagnosed with arthritic knee joints, I knew I was doomed. And all I wanted was clear communication and to know I was in good hands with whatever treatment was chosen.

My focus on personal responsibility kicked in and with the guiding advice of my doctors, I began the journey. So we tried:

All resulting in little relief to the pain caused by fluids released in my left knee because of the arthritis. One of my clients suggested Dr. Vincent Russo who is an orthopedic surgeon as I was not satisfied with the bedside manner and customer care provided by the previous two docs.

Learning point for me: customer satisfaction IS critical in today’s world of healthcare beginning with the receptionist, staff, nurses and ultimately the doctor.  Knowing Dr. Russo’s office has a real system designed specifically (or at least it seems that way) for me has lifted an enormous burden knowing I’m headed for total knee replacement surgery in a few short days.

Expand this to your company and group — asking yourself these questions:

  1. Are you and your group trained to know the difference between good and excellent communications?
  2. Can you build good relationships quickly by applying emotional intelligence?
  3. Do you know how to manage anxiety in others including dealing with toxic people and their difficult behavior?
  4. Do you and your group take personal responsibility for your choices and outcomes?

There is more to the story with customer service and of course my fun times to come!  Stay tuned…

Cheers, Marsha

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