Overwhelmed with too much work from your Boss?

Reader’s question:  I have a great job that I dearly love.  Recently, one of my 4 bosses added a task to my job that is actually a full time job on it’s own at this time.  I was unable to keep up on many of my other duties due to the priority level and time needed and this ongoing task.  I finally convinced my boss that added the task to my workload that it was way too much for one person.  However, he wasn’t happy and now he is hesitant to give me any other tasks.

Also, all my bosses work 100 miles away and one told me recently that it appears that I’m gone a lot.  I have taken only my 5 floater days that are provided through the company as well as 2 sick days this year.  I still have my full 2 weeks vacation yet to use.  I’m not sure why she said this except that I make sure that all my bosses know when I will be in meetings or when I need to take an early lunch do to something.  Stuff like that.  I am always at work and always work overtime.  Help.

My response: Consider prioritizing your duties and tasks as far as importance to your boss and driving profits for your group. Then approach your boss and tell him you need his help in understanding what is most important. Mention that you love the added responsibility and need his help to prioritize. Take those duties that are not the best use of your time and skills and put them at the bottom of the list.  Come up with a solution to have someone else do them — an intern, a student, someone that has “down” time, etc. This will show your creativity and willingness to do more.

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