Don’t Drown! Devise an Exit Plan Today

By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

WeMarsha Petrie Sue need to think like a critter. They usually have some kind of extensive exit plan. But what if they fall in a tank of water and there is NO exit? Not a good outcome. So when we do water tank projects, we devise an exit plan for those little guys so they don’t foul the water for the Mule Deer, Cattle, and other animals.

To be exact, our Mule Deer Foundation Conservation team worked Ranch 51 in the Arizona Tonto National Forest. We hiked about 3 miles, carrying in all the plumbing supplies needed including a ‘critter ramp’ for easy exit. Epiphany! How many people have an exit plan or take the time to design one?

Goals are wonderful; goals are great – except when they don’t work out. When you set your focus, do you ever think of an exit plan? What to do when you get that fabulous job, and on the third month find out it is a snake pit? Have you designed a possible next step? Or your company is fabulous and you are enjoying every moment. But what just happened? The company was acquired and your job is redundant and you are no longer needed.

Your exit plan will save you from wanting to run away from life. Consider doing the following:

  1. Make sure your resume, CV, social media, website and work portfolio are up to date, look professional and tells an employer how they can benefit from hiring you. Ask trusted colleagues and business relationships to endorse you and write a letter of recommendation.
  1. Back up your information: Duplicate important contacts for vendors, colleagues and clients. Back up the files you may need on the outside to (if you signed any kind of non compete contract, double-check the length and terms of that paperwork).
  1. Write to 5 or 10 friendly people each day, send them your resume, and tell them you’re available to work contract, project or full-time.
  1. Build a bridge: Register with a temp agency and act like the highest-paying job they throw your way is the one you want to do the most in the whole entire world.
  1. Put on your banker hat: Stockpile as much money as you can and cut out all unnecessary expenditures.

IIMG_1019f you don’t have an exit plan, the future is bleak. Like the critter that falls in the water catchment, if you have not set up the ramp for the exit, you will drown. Then what happens? You contaminate and pollute the water for the rest of the animals.

Get going on your exit plan!



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