2013: Your Lucky Year

By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Is the number 13 lucky or unlucky in your world? In my world, I consider it to be very lucky. I even love Friday the 13th and have always had something fun and exciting happen. Is this weird? Maybe. But I believe that you become what you think about. Think you are going to have a rotten day and you will rarely be disappointed.

If you believe that 13 is unlucky, you will have bad luck because your standard and mental picture are in a negative spiral. I’ve learned that success comes from my leveraging everything I can – from how I think to redefining the luck surrounding the number thirteen.

As we enter 2013, think of it as a fresh start or a paved road to your success. And please, don’t get hung up with the emotional vampires and toxic people that will try to tell you differently!

13 ways to pave your road to success in 2013:

1. Keep a success journal – write down good events and happenings in your life – both personally and professionally. When your road ahead is daunting and unnerving, read through your success journal to give you the courage to travel down the path to success.

2. Learn to better manage your time. You are the time manager in your life. Read a book, take a seminar or search for new approaches on line. Do something!

3. Set goals. Period. Write ten or less as affirmations, then write a few action steps and start NOW!

4. Focus on the positive. Remember what the mind perceives, the mind believes. Positive thinking brings positive results.

5. Learn to manage conflict, difficult people and toxic behavior. And yes, these are learned skills. It’s not empowering to be the underdog.

6. Be a better listener. Turn off your mental chatter and focus on what the other person is saying. Be present.

7. Create conversations that are about the other person and less about you.

8. Ask better questions and keep asking. The only way to improve your outcomes is to gather more information.

9. Be nice and gracious. Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ more.

10. Make better choices. Use the T.L.C. – Take it, leave it, or change it.

11. Focus on what you have, vs. what you don’t have. Make a list and be grateful.

12. Volunteer – Give back more than you have received. But be judicious with your time.

13. Smile and laugh more. It will help the burdens you are carrying feel a little lighter. And you will help someone else feel better too.

Do you have more to add? Please send them to me at marsha@marshapetriesue.com or FaceBook me at MarshaPetrieSue.

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