Sanitized environment

I think much of the toxicity in people today comes from parents and the educational systems “sanatizing” kids environments. Everyone has to learn how to compete, fail and succeed. Recently a coach had 30 girls try out for a soccer team and had slots for 10. Afraid of what the 20 kids and parents would say if their kids didn’t make the team, the coach TOTALLY rearranged the schedule to make “room” for all of the kids. What kind of lesson is that? Real life brings success AND failure. We are setting up the next generation for a huge let down when they get into the real world.

Dealing with Difficult People

I was in McDonalds and ordered a hot tea – the woman behind the counter didn’t know how to make hot tea. Her attituded shifted to one of being upset with me.

She was one third of the way to a home run because at least she found the the cup. The manager had to be called and brought up to the front to tell her where the hot water and tea bag could be found. In looking at this entire situation and the woman behind the counter being difficult, I came to the conclusion that Training can be the real core to creating difficult people and bad customer service at work.

Two considerations here:
Make sure you are training well and insist that people show you that they know how to do the job! Maybe then we would have a fewer less difficult people!! Marsha

People choose to be jerks

I came across a woman and everything I said she spun it and made it negative. It got to a point where I ignored her. She sounded negatived AND EVEN LOOKED NEGATIVE with mouth downturned and a sour look. These people have developed the “habit” of negativity and prove it with the “Yes But…” syndrome. Do you have people like this and what do you do with them.

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The Right to be Wrong

When we deal with difficult people we must understand that we do have the right to be wrong!! Our approach may not be what we want so checking your skills and evaluating unsatisfactory outcomes is CRITICAL or you will stay in a cronic state of being upset. Interesting, some people choose this position because it is easier!! Can you imagine?

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