Don’t Hire Difficult People. EVER.



Many of you ask questions about your work place and difficult people – especially with unemployment rates being low. One reoccurring issue is how do you know who NOT to hire! Here is my take on insuring a toxic free zone.

Difficult and Toxic People don’t just make others feel miserable; they create problems for their companies in many ways. They increase turnover, lower morale, and reduce profits.

When hiring employees, look for two characteristics: judgment and attitude. Typically, difficult people do not have either of these attributes. Everything else can be trained.

Backstabbers, Difficult People, Politics and more…

I’ve been asked to submit many articles lately, especially with the release of my book. Check out the latest article about Backstabbers posted at Women’s Media.

Women’s Media
Writing the article reminded me that when we look at who we work with everyday, when we evaluate the 2008 elections or whatever our situation is – it is our personal responsibility to learn more and form our own opinions.

Don’t let anyone tell you someone else falls into a difficult behavior or a toxic person category. Learn for yourself. Gather information on your own, question, pay attention and take responsibility for creating your own thoughts.

Similarity Between Britney Spears and Direct TV Ends at Toxic

Happy Conflict Resolution Day!!!

BRITNEY SPEARS LYRICS in her song “Toxic”

“Baby, can’t you see I’m calling. A guy like you. Should wear a warning. It’s dangerous. I’m fallin’.”

With all the press she has had – I think we have to agree she is a difficult person and displays toxic behavior.

Well, her choices are awful, but her lyrics mimicked the situation I had today with Direct TV. I was “calling” them to get another cable box for our guest room. The “guy” in customer service should wear a “warning.” The situation was “dangerous” because I felt myself “falling” into that ugly space of Toxic Behavior.

Managing the Stress of Difficult People and Toxic Relationships

  The Stress Free CabinI was at our cabin this last weekend and took the time to really decompress. Thanks to all of you who supported the release of my Toxic People Book. I was reflecting on my own stress of the week and how some people really try to push your buttons. So here is what I came up with to manage their toxic waste that they dump on me!

I was reflecting and came up with this: Have you ever noticed how some people can experience the same situation as another, yet one is calm and the other crazed? The calm person has learned to view stress as a learning laboratory that they visit on a regular basis, whether they want to or not. They learn from each stressful event.

The Whine and Cheeser Toxic Person Creates Difficult Relationships

I spoke at a meeting last night and the audience was filled with highly educated people, the majority being MD’s – yes-medical doctors. There were some positive business changes being discussed within there organization. I was fascinated to listen to some of the difficult people express their whining questions, accusatory tone, and how some choose to take the Whine and Cheeser Toxic person route.

The message they send
• Don’t expect me to do anything to fix problems – I’m helpless
• To stay on my good side you must listen to my complaints
• I’m perfect. Therefore, it is my duty to notice all of the faults around me
• I’m right occasionally, so you had better be sure and listen to me

Non Toxic People!

Thanks to Pat McMahon for inviting me as a guest today on his Television Show – AZ-TV.  We had a terrific discussion about the six different types of Toxic People!  He was interested and fun — and certainly non toxic.  The link will be on my web site in a couple of days as they are sending us the digital download of the interview at
Check out all the information on and if you decide to purchase the book, Toxic People: decontaminate difficult people at work without using weapons or duct tape, email me with your Amazon receipt and I’ll send you a link to some very cool bonus information!

Practical approaches to age old challenges of Toxic People

I write and speak on difficult people and toxic people. But I must say, the majority of folks in life are just terrific. Specifically I want to mention Tricia Moody who wrote the following review on my JUST released book, Toxic People.

Toxic Travels

Marsha in Washington DCMarsha in Washington DC

I was thinking about managing Toxic People. I’m returning from Washington DC today and had some wonderful interactions but also encountered some difficult people.

I have determined that the way you were raised determines how you view the world. If you were waised by Toxic People you will have a tendency to become a difficult person. Kind parents – you have a better chance of being a nicer person.

Did your parents teach you to be suspicious of everyone and everything? My mom did. I couldn’t play with Dougie next door because he had “sneaky” eyes. Thanks Mom – lesson learned. Becoming suspicious about everyone and everything was from the role model provided at home.