Stop Wasting Time in Meetings


By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Have you ever been in a meeting and minutes into it you question why you are even there? Robert Half Management Resources determined that 37 percent of office life is spent in meetings. What a waste. I was speaking to a company last week, and this topic came up – again. Here is some useful information to consider to help your group be more productive and less stressed.

General Meeting Basics:

  • Don’t meet. If you can send a note, email or memo, don’t have the meeting.

Don’t Drown! Devise an Exit Plan Today

By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

WeMarsha Petrie Sue need to think like a critter. They usually have some kind of extensive exit plan. But what if they fall in a tank of water and there is NO exit? Not a good outcome. So when we do water tank projects, we devise an exit plan for those little guys so they don’t foul the water for the Mule Deer, Cattle, and other animals.

To be exact, our Mule Deer Foundation Conservation team worked Ranch 51 in the Arizona Tonto National Forest. We hiked about 3 miles, carrying in all the plumbing supplies needed including a ‘critter ramp’ for easy exit. Epiphany! How many people have an exit plan or take the time to design one?

Same Old, Same Old – Living a Boring Life?


by Marsha Petrie Sue

“I’m always workin’, slavin’, every day. gotta take a break from the same old, same old”. -From the song “(don’t need) nothing but a good time” (Poison)IMG_0028

When people complain about living a boring life, I stand in wonderment. Life is as dynamic as you choose it to be. When people complain about hating their job, I am amazed. Why would you stay in a position that brings you angst and even anger?

Bored life? Try these!

  1. Volunteer – click here for Volunteer Match or email me and I will send you links to my volunteer projects

You Don’t Learn Communications from a Book

IMG_0707 (1)

IMG_0709Working as a Public Information Officer (PIO) is never easy. Misspeak one word and the media can change the entire meaning of what you wanted the listener to hear. I had the honor of riding along with Phoenix Fire Department PIO, Captain Ardell Deliz, who has mastered her position. Interestingly, her communication strategy is the same for each of us, whether in the office or with our friends and family.

Parenting or Friending? Setting kids up for success


By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

im_not_your_friend_im_your_parent_napkins-r9be4e9f6db2b4fc4b4778a9677bbe7d9_2cfjc_8byvr_324Recently in the Wall Street Journal in the Opinion section, an article concerning parenting caught my eye. “Parenting in the Age of Awfulness Children are immersed in a culture that stokes disrespect.” This information discusses how to instill some civility.

The article by Leonard Sax, M.D. begins with “Kyle was absorbed in a video game on his cell phone, so I asked his mom, “How long has Kyle had a stomach ache?” Mom said, “I’m thinking it’s been about two days”. Then Kyle replied, “Shut up, mom. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” And he gave a snorty laugh, without looking up from his videogame. Kyle is 10 years old”.

A Case for Time Logs


Time logs: a true pain in the rear. If, however, you are looking to improve your performance and success, they are necessary. If you don’t have a sample, email me and I’ll send you the format I use.

If you think your time management is ‘spot on’, think again. Right now, write down everything you did yesterday.  Really, I mean everything. I guarantee you will not capture every activity, call, text, conversation, meeting, break, lunch or interruption you had.  You do way too much to capture every minute of time.

Here is a note from a client I am working with:

Time Is On Your Side


Time – you cannot keep it. You cannot catch it. You cannot stop it. You cannot possess it. It is the one resource that we’re offered free of charge. It is the only resource that every one is given exactly the same quantity every day. So why do some people manage it so well while others live a life of chaos and frenzy? Why isn’t time always on your side?

How we choose to use time determines everything. How are your choices in spending 24 hours? Do you take personal responsibility for how your day is managed?


There’s no question that members of the most recent generation to enter the workforce do operate differently than most of their predecessors. Thus, the generational gap grows wider.

In order to work amicably with Gen Y, you might try the following four ideas:

  1. Tear up historical job descriptions. I mean really—people aren’t doing what’s written in them anyway, so there is a gap between reality and the written word. Gen Y wants the reality of the job, not some overstated litany of outdated words.
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