How to Manage Gossip in the Workplace


by Marsha Petrie Sue

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You already know that gossip is idle talk, buzz, or chitchat, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. This chat forms one of the oldest and most common means of sharing usually unproven information, and is known to introduce errors and inaccuracies in otherwise factual information. The term also carries insinuation that the news transmitted has a personal focus, as opposed to normal conversation. The question is how do you manage gossip?

Generation Yes: How to Positively Work with Gen Y

by Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

How to Positively Work with Gen YBusiness leaders today are often blindsided when a Gen Y worker up and leaves their employment. Often the Millennials, aka Gen Y (born 1980 – 1999 and 76 million strong), leave employers and the leadership of the company in a fog on how to hire, retain, and maximize their talents. With reducing turnover and maximizing success as a goal of every industry, Gen Y´s exit can create morale and productivity problems. For leaders, managers and supervisors, it means we may want to relook our perception, skills and actions because Millennials are looking for a ‘perfect’ boss.

In the Event of an Event: How to establish your professional identity over a meal


I’ve been in the Leadership Development business for over 25 years, after 30 years of experience in an Executive Corporate setting. For the first time, I am seeing increased requests for personal presence and etiquette training. Preparing for a business event, client meal or everyday perception is more important now than ever.  Why? It separates the promotable, trained person from the ill-mannered.  And yes, it is important. People do notice how you conduct yourself during a meal.

  • Remain standing until host/hostess sits.
  • After your host has moved his/her napkin, place your napkin in your lap.

What Were You Thinking: Inside The Adolescent Brain


A recommendation from Marsha Petrie Sue

Jarring. Interesting. Astonishing. Every adult should listen to this Podcast released December 2017. I highly recommend downloading this piece for a real time, real life account of how kids think and make decisions.  This information provides how-to steps for their teens.

Dina Temple-Raston . . .  ‘shares the stories of adolescents who made astonishing choices – from joining ISIS to planning a school shooting – that led to disastrous results.

To help understand what they were thinking, she talks with friends, family, and the teens themselves. Plus, she dives into the latest science on adolescent brains to explore innovative ways to help them choose more wisely.’

Clear Vision for 2018: 13 lucky steps to take



I am beginning the new year with new eyes – and a very clear vision, literally. Both eyes have had the cataracts removed* and I am thrilled with the results. I had no idea what I was missing. Thinking about my new vision made me focus on the clarity I would have for the new year. Was I really seeing the real world, or, as with my old eyes, was I looking at everything through a fog?

Don’t Expect Miracles: How to cope with difficult family during the Holidays


We get out the china, crystal and silver for our special holiday parties and family gathering.  How about getting out the best of you to take to the event? Put aside all the past experience that has not brought out the best in you or your family members.  You have way more control than you think:

  • Choose civility and don’t buy into someone else’s emotional drama. Step away.
  • There will be no Christmas or Holiday miracle. People don’t change. But you can.
  • When you buy into someone else’s toxic behavior, you have stooped to their level. Personally, that is not where I want to be.

Holiday Protocol


by Marsha Petrie Sue

The Holidays can be challenging if you attend dinners, family gatherings, and office banquets.  The following list provides quick reminders and new information that will put joy in your holiday meal rather than instill fear.

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Meal Table Protocol

Q: Where is the best place to sit?

A: Determine if your meal partner is right or left handed.  If right handed, sit to their left and visa versa.  Their body posture will naturally open in your direction making conversation more comfortable.

never-do1Q: How should I select what I order to eat?

Ain’t Got No Couth

IMG_1745 2

Couth: showing or having good manners or sophistication; smooth.

What has happened to Couth? Has individual narcissism made it an extinct personal value?

I have evidence that for some travelers, in particular, they ain’t got none. Here’s proof…

IMG_1745 2The woman sitting in the seat directly in front of mine on a recent flight, threw her hair over the back of her seat. The wad of hair was now hanging all the way down to my tray. If people weren’t staring at me, I would have slammed her brown mane in my tray. Thankfully we were on approach so I only dealt with that mess for 5 minutes. She had no couth.

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