Toxic People and 800-CEO-Reads Business Book Award

My latest book has been nominated for the 800-CEO-Read’s first annual Business Book Award and I need your help! Please vote (and you can vote as many times as you like) by November 30!

Go to here to vote ; Toxic People: decontaminate difficult people at work without using weapons or duct tape is listed in the third column about 2/3’s down the page. Vote and please vote often!

On December 17, you can view the semifinalists and January 15 for the final winners. The book is doing very well and this would be terrific to have this recognition!!

Here is the press release that John Wiley, the publisher, sent out on the book. Let me know if you need more information and THANK YOU SO MUCH! Marsha


Decontaminate Difficult People at Work
Without Using Weapons or Duct Tape

#2 on “What Corporate America is Reading”
Bestseller List from CEO-READ.

Toxic People has been featured in:

• Investors Business Daily
• Work Wise
• All Business
• Legal Management
• American Journal
• Sirius Radio

Also a Bookscan Best Seller

There are people who have been put on this earth to suck the life out of you.
Steamrollers, Zipper Lips, Know-It-Alls, Back Stabbers, Needy Weenies.
And worst of all: Whine and Cheesers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Marsha Petrie Sue, known as “The Decontaminator of Toxic People,” has learned how to deal with them, and shares her insights and ideas in TOXIC PEOPLE (Wiley; $24.95; 978-0-470-14768-9; October 2007; Cloth).

Toxic People must be decontaminated. Petrie Sue’s approach to dealing with difficult people, poor communication, and conflict is one that is unique, funny and practical.

“Silence is Golden. Duct Tape is Silver.”

Boredom is forbidden in Petrie Sue’s TOXIC PEOPLE. She provides us with lessons for dealing with difficult people using personal vignettes, real life situations and a no-nonsense straightforward approach and sound advice.

• Stay in control every time and don’t give your power away.
• Identify the six types of difficult people and how they make you feel.
• Win the blame game and stop “awfulizing.”
• Manage unacceptable behavior and don’t stoop to their level.
• Identify your toxic behavior and how to change it.
• Watch your mouth and body language.
• Take personal responsibility and stop making excuses.
“From corporate America to the smallest business owner, this book should be mandatory reading because it provides toxic relief that will put money in your pocket and calm in your personality. A dose of this reading would enhance the success of business school students and smooth out a few bumps in a rocky marriage.”
Richard L. Labrum, Vice President, Wealth Management, Smith Barney

Take a look around the office. Can you identify:

Steamrollers: Also known as exploders, tyrants, or bullies, they can be very intimidating. They like to remain in their position of power by attacking without warning, usually from a command post were they are safely out of reach from everyone else. Quick to anger, extremely judgmental and must remain in control; they don’t care if they are liked as long as people fear them enough to leave them alone.

Back Stabbers: As many as one of every 30 people in high performing business situations was identified as a Back Stabber. They love to gossip and spread damaging rumors, take credit for other people’s work, and blame others whenever anything goes wrong. Clever at identifying other people’s limitations and using it to their advantage, they are interestingly also good at building allies and will try to gang up before attacking.

Know-It-Alls: Common among professionals such as doctors, attorneys, and engineers, these people like to appear “always right,” even when they are only pseudo experts. They make up details to ensure you believe what they say, even when they might be leading you astray. Arrogant and aggressive, their tone is usually condescending; but the real telltale behavior is their refusal to consider anything but their own views.

Or perhaps your some colleagues may be Zipper Lips, Needy Weenies and Whine and Cheesers, as further defined in the book.

Petrie Sue gives clear examples, words of wisdom, survival tactics, but never strays from providing clear, practical advice on how to deal with these people. More importantly, she also includes a chapter on how to cure toxic infections, in case you recognize the signs in yourself.

If you’re just sick to death of those people who zap the energy right out of you, Marsha has the cure! In no-nonsense terms, Marsha gives us the prescription for dealing with toxic people. She mixes in the right dosage of personal experience, humor and practical advice to create a compelling message that is highly relevant in our personal and professional lives. I’ve enjoyed hearing Marsha speak on this and other self-improvement topics, and highly recommend this book to everyone interested in “cleaning up” toxic behaviors!
John Ryan, Vice President, American Express

• Energize yourself, and get out of the negative spiral.
• Nurture the spirit. Stay hopeful and take risks, find balance and learn to enjoy time with your family.
• Remain self-confident by accepting who you are.
• Stop making excuses and get proper rest, eat right, and exercise.

It’s important to remember that you can’t change the Toxic People, only your own relationship with them. Petrie Sue will help you develop the appropriate response, not reaction, to any dilemma so that you can look forward to tranquil days ahead, so put away the weapons and duct tape.

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