Negative News and Media can make you a Toxic Person

When I boot up my computer in the morning, the first page is always my personalized page from the Wall Street Journal. I used to have it on Fox News but couldn’t stand having the first information in my brain tragic deaths, murders and general world chaos.

I am convinced that you do become what you think about so I make a choice not to start a great day with ugly information. It can make you a Toxic Person! What the WSJ does for me is condenses important factoids into two or three sentences. IF I choose to read more, then I can.

What do you fill your head with? Uglyness immediately in the morning by popping on the TV? Watching Headline News, CNBC or Fox. Here is my challenge to you – stop doing it! Music is good but it is chewing gum for your brain. How about downloading a book or some positive, forward thinking information to give you survival tools. Life is hard, life is unfair … so get over it.

I made that choice a VERY long time ago and am glad I did! Happy listening.

Wall Street JournalMarsha

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