Leaders! Don’t let your marketing guard down

When times get tough, the tough spend money. Leaders (defined as anyone that wants to succeed) do! This is a time in business that you should position yourself into an even stronger position.  Example:  We just launched a brand new website at www.MarshaPetrieSue.com with lots of new information for people that need a different focus and tools to take personal responsibility for themselves.  (Please comment below on how you like the website and I will send you a present!!)

Taking this kind of action seems like a risk, but if you are moving forward with your plan, you will succeed. Action eliminates the choice of becoming a toxic person or falling into difficult behavior especially when well thought out.  Ask your mentor, or hire a business coach – just do something.  Invest in yourself and your future.  You deserve it!

Self leadership and awareness are more important now than ever. Spoiled brats need not apply.  So check out the new site. There is a bunch of free information that will help you and your group!  Thanks for visiting.

Marsha Petrie Sue


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