Clear Vision for 2018: 13 lucky steps to take


I am beginning the new year with new eyes – and a very clear vision, literally. Both eyes have had the cataracts removed* and I am thrilled with the results. I had no idea what I was missing. Thinking about my new vision made me focus on the clarity I would have for the new year. Was I really seeing the real world, or, as with my old eyes, was I looking at everything through a fog?

reframe-nlp-frameEvery year I have a word that becomes my goal. In 2017 my focus was kindness and I worked at doing something good every day. For 2018 my word will be clarity. I believe we miss so much by making decisions and living life in a fog.

Can clarity enhance your approach to life? With my new found ‘clear vision’, the answer to that question and the steps to take didn’t require much thought.

  1. Don’t have too much self-confidence. Arrogance, self-centered and narcissistic people are a pain.
  2. Be interested in others. This makes you more interesting.
  3. Have the right amount of self-respect to stick up for yourself.
  4. Take a risk, but don’t be stupid. Do your homework.
  5. Be a true friend, for the right reasons.
  6. Be on time, every time. Lateness is not professional and is just plain rude.
  7. Rudeness won’t get you very far. Be kind.
  8. What enters your head, doesn’t have to come out of your mouth.
  9. Work on improving your knowledge. Stay up on the news. Understand what is happening in the world.
  10. Be a great listener. Ask questions to find out more. Don’t judge.
  11. Learn to say NO and mean it. Be assertive, not passive or aggressive.
  12. Conflict creates stress. Learn to manage difficult people in your life.
  13. Be flexible to change. It will happen with or without you.

What will you add to the list for 2018? Send me your ideas and in a couple weeks I’ll send out a new list.

Wishing you an amazing New Year and 2018.

Cheers, Marsha

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*Dr. Moretsky and his team provided me with vision that I didn’t know was possible.  Having worn glasses since I was 9 years old (from coke bottles to contact lenses) and with a terrible astigmatism, I am now in disbelief as to how well I can see.  I am 71 years old and have 20/15 vision thanks to this surgery, I don’t have to wear glasses at all, and am in awe at my perfect vision. Tip: listen to the experts at Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction. Go with the procedure they recommend. In my opinion, eyes are the gateway to a better life. The eye group stays on top of the best technology available so take advantage of their expertise.  You will not be sorry. Dr. Moretsky was referred to me by a surgeon.  Gee, if a surgeon has Dr. Moretsky operate on his eyes, why wouldn’t I do the same? View their website  and no, I am not a paid spokesperson.

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