Ethical Apathy

If everyone cheats, who can judge? I am so tired of greed, cheating, lying and the lack of ethical standards.

Moral — Of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior.

Ethical — Behaving with integrity. Ethics Anyone?

Defining immoral and unethical is defining pornography: You know it when you see it.

But what does it mean to be ethical and moral? It sounds like a good thing, and normally most people steer clear of unethical behavior.  But how do you know if someone is ethical or not? Should it even be important?

Many people think ethics and integrity are the same. Realistically ethics are the statements hanging on the wall while integrity is the way the ethics are consistently applied. Perhaps walking your talk is the real definition.

Ethics are perceived as the values displayed in your personal life, and integrity is the way you model and apply your values to relationships, parenting, caring and giving.  Ethics plus integrity equal morality.  It is all about personal responsibility, self awareness, internal communications and leadership.

Your thoughts?  Marsha

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One Comment

  1. DIANA says:


    Really these two words annoying at this present century.
    Lots of ethics and no moral sense.
    where to go/follow ?

    Can anybody survive without moralilty ?
    Of course ,your write up given me a ray of hope .


    Keep growing

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