Why Dress Matters

By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Many of us have children or grandchildren graduating this summer.  Are the prospects for them attaining the job of their dreams possible?  I say yes, especially if they are aware and have a specific understanding of what works in an interview and what doesn’t.

For example, Harvard Business Review recently posted this article:

How to Make a Subtle Display of Your Status in a Job Interview: 

“In an experiment, just 10% to 12% of research participants said they thought an internship candidate deserved top pay; but if they noticed that the candidate was wearing a luxury-brand logo on her shirt, that proportion rose to more than half, according to research reported on HBR.org by J.M. Olejarz. Because it implies that you can afford expensive things, wearing a luxury-brand logo raises your status in observers’ eyes, the researchers say. This information is from Wearing Luxury Brands Makes You Seem More Qualified for the Job.”

interviewAnd perhaps it is you that is seeking a new position. This is perception at it’s best. Please let me know if you would like me to send you my idea of appropriate business dress by emailing me at Marsha@MarshaPetrieSue.com.

This topic spills over to the teams and groups in a workplace. Having trouble getting your group to look professional? Ask them how they want to be perceived by the clients walking through the door, or at a networking event. Let them set the appropriate dress standards with you or the leader steering them in the right direction.

Yes, every part of your dress, hair, shined shoes and more matter. Everything you don’t consider will become a distraction to the other person. Dress does matter.


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